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Welcome to Eco Link Power Ltd, leading experts in renewable energy sources including combined heat and power using ORC technology, biomass, and rain water harvesting.

Eco Link - Commercial Biomass Burners

Welcome to Eco Link Power Ltd. We are a leading supplier and installer of Biomass energy technology working across the UK, meeting the demands of public sector, commercial and domestic clients. Our comprehensive range of fully automated and efficient solutions include multi fuel boilers, district heating and purpose built modular and containerised units housing the boiler and fuel store. Learn more about biomass boilers.

Wood pellets are a sustainable compact fuel releasing high efficiency thermal energy when combusted within the Biomass boiler. The pellets consist of pure woodchip and sawdust and consist of a moisture content of around 8%. Both CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and thermal Biomass installations can be fired by a variety of fuels including, wood pellets, horse litter, sea weed and many more.

We enjoy an excellent relationship with our clients and not only listen to, but also learn from what our customers have to say. Quality customer relations are vital in this type of business and Eco Link ensures that this occurs during all stages of the service.

Already one of the top supermarkets in the UK has installed eighteen of their wood pellet boilers. This is a supermarket that takes sustainability seriously. Eco Link is the obvious company to choose to meet this type of environmental aspiration.

Commercial Biomass Burners

We have a lot of experience dealing with both individual clients and large organisation. Our clients include; hospitals, recycling centres, leisure centres, riding schools, golf clubs, and even farms. To each new job the team is able to bring their previous experience and wide ranging knowledge.

The solutions use renewable energy sources to produce thermal outputs ranging from 200kW to 6MW (modular up to 24MW) for hot water, CHP, steam and chilling. These leading technologies can help you significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, cut your energy bills and meet your renewable targets.

The decision to move to cleaner energy is a good one, but people may feel a bit of trepidation at the beginning. It is like a step into the unknown and ay worry that it will mean huge changes. The reality is though that many have already made this move to a cleaner way of doing things and they are already enjoying the benefits. By choosing a quality company like Eco Link you can rest assured that you have the best team of staff to hand.

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Featured Case Study

Sainsbury's have installed over thirty Eco Link wood pellet boilers in their new UK stores...

Basingstoke Skip Hire

The project is to provide a biomass solution for Basingstoke Skip Hire to burn waste wood to produce saleable electric power up to 750kWe (gross) per hour at their existing waste recycling centre located in Armstrong Road, Basingstoke.

Heat Supply and ESCO
For the Public & Community sector and for Businesses, Eco Link are able to provide a fully managed service which offers guaranteed renewable heat.
Considering Biomass

If you are considering choosing an alternative energy source, why not consider biomass boilers and get in touch?

Featured Products
Biomass Thermal Boilers (Commercial)
Our Eco Link range of boilers for commercial and industrial use, as well as large houses burn woodchip and wood pellets with up to 45% moisture content and have been constructed with a self-bearing structure of thick steel plate with with a high mechanical strength and a high-volume, wet-wall combustion chamber with refractory lining of a high alumina content.

Biomass Thermal Boilers (Commercial)

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Organic Rankine Cycle & CHP

Organic Rankine Cycle & CHP

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Modular Units - Purpose Built Plant Rooms

Modular Units - Purpose Built Plant Rooms

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Rain Water Harvesters


Rain Water Harvesters

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